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Vanity Tray Kit

Vanity Tray Kit / Installation Instructions

A Vanity Tray Kit is perfect for bathroom cabinet applications. The kit is simple to install and includes all necessary hardware.

To ensure that the kit fits properly, refer to the diagram below. Your cabinet door hinges attach to a wood frame around the perimeter of the cabinet opening. Your doors are usually smaller than the width of your cabinets. Sizes must be exact in order for the tray to work properly. Note: Only for cabinets manufactured after 1997.

You will need to take two measurements:

  • 1. measure the door width of the cabinet you wish to use
  • 2. open the door and measure the width of the opening

Find your two measurements in the list below next to the finish of your choice. If your measurements do not appear on one line in the list, we do not currently offer a tray kit for your cabinet size.

Please Note: the price of this product will range from $44.00 to $47.00.

Wood Grain Natural*

Wood Grain Natural



* All wood grain trays are made with Maple laminate with a hardwood front and back, which may differ from your existing tray or the interior of your cabinet. Some hardware and architecture may vary due to product improvements.